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  • cozy place, great food, awesome staff. 👌 this place is unique because it serves pizza buffet. Yes! Eat all you can pizza is heaven! I love how soft and moist their dough is. I usually don't eat up the entire crust but theirs is an exemption. They're very generous with toppings, too. every bite is just so enjoyable. They also serve calzones, pasta, chicken, burgers, sandwiches, salads, side dishes, desserts, so yeah.. you should totally try out this place!

    Honey Lyn Mendoza.



    Hey foodie! Today we will introduce you to your new favourite pizza place in Cebu. Say “Hello” to Rock N’ Pizza. As you have read on the title, they offer unlimited pizza which surely made you click hoping for answers for your queries. Fret not my dear food buddy! Laagsuroyatbp is here to fill you up withmuch needed information.


    But first (lemme take a selfiehaha) allow us to share a few things about who they are and how they came to be.Rock N’ Pizza is owned by a Filipino-Canadian couple, Mrs. Jane Doucette and her foreign husband. Rock N’ Pizza was inspired by her husband’s love for pizza. He did not find a pizza place satisfactory enough in Cebu, with the exception of those made by her wife of course, so he suggested to build their own. Jane, though reluctant of the idea, decided it was worth the try. Probably the best decision ever made in the history of pizza in Cebu. 


     Initially located in Tayud, Consolacion, Rock N’ Pizza considered relocation. After two months of careful interior and business designing they have officially opened on June 12, 2015 (Philippine Independence Day) at Unit 4, Nasipit Commercial Square in Nasipit, Talamban Cebu City just a few meters away from USC-TC and Family Park. Their sign is big enough for you to notice. If you use GrabTaxi, just search for their name.

    Rock N’ Pizza also has ala carte dining. We were told it took them 6 months to completely create a menu. It would be very disrespectful not to talk about it. Below are the entrees on their menu and the price range.

    Ala Carte Pizza available in 6”, 10” 14” & 18” with price ranging from P89.00 to P999.00

    Calzones from P150.00 to P200.00

    Rock N’ Deserts from P90.00 to P195.00

    Rock N’ Pasta from P260.00 to P380.00

    Barbecue from P190.00 to P980.00

    Rock N’ Sides from P90.00 to P490.00


     They also have a Build Your Own Pizza which is pretty much like Pizza Republic but not really. On this one, you do not stand in line pointing on your desired ingredients, you start by getting a basic cheese pizza available in 6”, 10” 14” & 18”. After that you choose your toppings which are already bundled.


    Finally we have come to the eat-all-you-can pizza. They offer 2 options for their pizza buffet. First is the Lite Pizza Buffet for P279.00 which gives you 4 pizza choices as shown on the photo below. Next is the Rock ‘N Pizza Buffet for P359.00 with 13 pizza choices and bottomless Iced Tea.


     You will have to choose the pizza size which are 6”, 10” 14” and 18”. If there are just a few of you just like us, we suggest you get the 6” pizzas so that you will get to order a lot of different flavours without getting instantly full. They have a strict clean plate policy. Left-overs will be charged regular pizza price. Also, if all of the people around the table are on the same pizza buffet type, you are allowed to share it otherwise, you can’t.


    They do not hold back on their toppings which makes their pizza so tasty and savoury. We had Chicken Alfredo, Zesty Veggie, The Bronx and Zorba the Greek. Of all pizzas we’ve tried, we recommend you to get Zorba the Greek. We would have loved to try out some more but we were too full we can no longer handle it. We also don’t have any intentions of paying regular pizza price.


     We also ordered Fettuccini Alfredo with Shrimp and man was it delicious! We do not have to figure out how it was made to know that the shrimps were cooked with butter and cream. Plus, the shrimps were just as tasty! Gosh! My mouth is watering as am writing this! 


     We all agree that the place was great. The interiors were inspired by a mix of italian and mediterranean designs. Over all, It was clean, quiet and organized. They were playing pop songs as we ate and we just failed to stop ourselves from singing along. If you love taking pictures for Facebook or Instagram purposes, this place is totally worthy.

    Zorba The Greek
    Zorba The Greek
    Zesty Veggie
    Zesty Veggie
    Chicken Alfredo
    Chicken Alfredo
    The Bronx
    The Bronx

    If you think of throwing a pizza party, Rock N’ Pizza got your back.  Their second floor is reserved for functions and parties. For more information, you can call them at 318 – 8802 / 09176701340 or visit their website at Just when you think we are already done, well not yet! Rock N’ Pizza also offers deliveries and barkada packages. A real pizza-360⁰ service that is!

     Rock N’ Pizza is definitely worth a second time or make that the nthtime around. We at Laagsuroyatbp highly recommend you to visit this place. An easy two thumbs up to them!


     Now go and try Rock N’ Pizza and tell us about it by taggingLaagsuroyatbp on Facebook or Instagram. Don’t forget to like and follow us too!

     Amping ug hinay-hinay sa inyong mga adventures mga laagan!

  • Rock 'N Pizza is Rocking It!

    In Cebu, there is a rise of buffet restaurants and boy do we love them. Rock 'N Pizza is unique because it serves all you can eat pizza. You read that right, a pizza buffet here in Cebu! Yes, we may have heard of this before and Rock 'N Pizza nails this one.
    Today, we bring our hungry stomachs and frugality to Rock 'N Pizza.  What should we expect?

    The Place
    The place is awesome. I like the ambiance and it is really conducive for eating. 

    The Food
    At first, I honestly thought that the pizza would be the ordinary pizza that we are so accustomed of; or rather, I was expecting the familiar taste.
    Guess what? I was entirely wrong! The dough used in this pizza is really good. Soft, moist and delicious. For those who does not eat the entire crust, you will love this and won't mind finishing every thing up.
    The toppings are generously placed on the pizza so that each bite is really enjoyable. 
    Pizzas come in 4 different sizes. The 6 inches, 10 inches, 14 inches and 18 inches.
    For us to taste most of the Pizzas, we constantly ordered 6 inches pizza.

    Toppings overload

    Zesty Veggie
    I have to apologize as I can't remember all these pizzas but my top 3 favorites are:

    1. Zorba the Greek
    2. Cheese Block
    3. Zesty Veggie

    I highly recommend that you try these 3 pizzas as they have a very unique taste I'm sure you will enjoy.

    Customer Service

    Aside from the good food, what really impressed me is their customer service. Upon entering, we were greeted by their smiling and friendly staff. I may sound generic at this point but I'm not. Their staff is super friendly.

    Since we were first timers in Rock 'N Pizza, it took us some time to make up our minds on what to order but the staff patiently waited for our orders and even helped us in making a decision. We were even making jokes as we made our order. The staffs are very conversational.

    We also had the bottomless Iced tea that came with the all you can eat pizza (P359); they were always on the lookout if we needed a refill. It was very convenient. We did stumble on a little hiccup due to events beyond their control (like the Veco electric post transformer that went kabonk) but everything was okay. Our pizza was delayed but they really apologized sincerely. No big problems there.

    Mr. Frugal says...

    I would definitely come back. For the price of 359, it's worth every penny. Good food, good service and awesome place!

    For a frugal person like me, I totally approve of this and would recommend it to my friends.

    The pizzas are unique and taste great. Don't miss this one out. You have to give this a try!

    For more details, check their FB page!

    Enjoy and have a nice day!
  • “Pizza OVERLOAD!” 5 of 5 stars - Reviewed Trip Advisor - 13 September 2015 I haven't heard this pizzeria when someone from my colleagues had invited us to try the pizzas in Rock'n Pizza. I tried not one, not two, not three, but THIRTEEN FLAVORS of pizza, as in OVERLOAD! Will come back to this place. Great place, tasty and fresh from the oven pizzas, very friendly and accommodating staff and above all, very affordable for an eat all you can type of a pizza restaurant. Visited September 2015

    TRIP ADVISOR. 5 STARS. . Fl0ng, Cebu City

  • Saw it on FB and had to check to out. It was everything we could ask for and much more. Excellent Pizza. It ROCKED. When we left, My 19 yo daughters first question was when are we going back. Answer, very soon.

    Les Holiman, FB

  • Rock 'N Pizza ROCKS!!! Best pizza in Cebu without question! I have had pizza throughout the world and was in shock to find the best pizza I ever had was in Cebu of all places. Very Clean, great staff, great service, great atmosphere, nicely decorated and air conditioned. They also deliver and I will be using this service often!!!

    Trip Advisor, 5 Star. Melinda97. Cebu

  • Don't even bother calling anywhere else when you need a stack of great pies for a party. They don't skimp on the toppings and the pizzas are still hot when they get here. These guys have the best pizza & food in town!

    Joey T. from Liloan

  • We been a regular customer since you opened, I have had pizza all over the world including Italy and this is the best pizza I ever had...ever! It surprised me when I tried almost all of your menu including your ravioli, fire cracker shrimp, angus burgers & fries, meatballs, club house subs and your keylime cheesecake that everything was so damn good (Rockn). if a restaurant is lucky they may only have a few signature menu items that are really good, but rockn pizza hits out of the park on every item on there menu! Its amazing! Your name is well suited you guys ROCK and you will be the biggest thing in pizza if you decide to expand. I sure would not want a Rock N Pizza restaurant near me if I owned a pizza or any restaurant or I would be bankrupt very soon! ;-)

    Danny D. Cebu City Email

  • Thanks for the great job you did catering my nephew's birthday party! The pasta was hot, the salad trays were cold, the bread was fresh and everything was delicious! We'll definitely hire you again for our next family party!


  • We ordered from here on our very first night in our new house and we're so excited to finally find a fantastic pizzeria here in Cebu! Good pizza was hard to find here until now! The food arrived in under 45 minutes and the pizza was perfect, fresh toppings, hot and cheesy! The best crust in Cebu! We love all their food especially the chicken wings and really love that firecracker shrimp with that bow tie pasta! ;))

    Bongbong and Maritisa. Mandaue

  • This is my fav pizza joint and I order from here at least twice a week! I recommend the rockn Uno pizza and thier club sandwich and the fries — nice piece of whole chicken breast meat slices!

    Canadian George. Lapu2x

  • I've had a hard time finding really good pizza here in Cebu until I was told by a friend (Tintin) about Rockin Pizzeria! WOW!!! Its the best pizza I have ever ate ANYWHERE!!! Since then I order at least 3 times a week everything from their burgers to pasta and I'm always amazed how everything they make is so good (Rockn)

    Greg H. Consolacion

  • My wife tried your food at her friends birthday party and she loved it so we are now a rock 'n customer!

    Arnel A. Mandaue.

  • We ordered your Greek Pizza and also I wanted to try your homemade french fries and burger. Well lets just say there is no better pizza and burgers & fries we have ever ate here in the Phils in over 6 years! The pizza crust is ammazing! How do you get it to taste so good? The burger was huge, juicy with lots of cheese, bacon and mushrooms. Your fries are really homemade and a real treat here! You got us!

    Terry & Jenna. Talamban, Cebu City

  • Rock 'N Pizza was the perfect name! Thanks for rockn our party again! I know you will have at least 27 new customers. I told them to mention my name Billy's Party in Tayud. Maybe you can give us a free pizza? ;)

    Bill P. Tayud, Consolacion.

  • Appetite fulfilling Pizza lover's like me? here's a right place for us to go! Highly recommended the Rock 'n pizza and filled ourselves! We can also try the rest of food they serve aside from pizza and experience the absolute mouth watering taste. not even crumbs to be wasted ... Deliciousooo

    Scorp Jiko. Facebook

  • Your pizzas are totally rocking! Can't wait for my next visit.

    Jake Stephen Betito. Facebook

  • First time we eat in Rock 'N Pizza the taste is excellent ,taste like Canadian pizza.I recommend to my family and friends..Soon they open in Nasipit Talamban Cebu...not only pizza they serve...luv it....

    Kinsanhe Witchybichy. Facebook

  • Ordered our first pizza (the Bronx) when the store first opened and determined it to be the best tasting pizza in all of Cebu... and I've tried most of what's available. And must say it is the best of any I've tried when we lived in the U.S. Ordered my second pizza (the same selection) and again was as good as the first. I am a fond lover of the meatball sub sandwich and must experience the taste of that for my next order. Thanks and good job to all working there to allow me to enjoy a pleasant experience eating Rock'n Pizza.

    George F. C. Email

  • Incredible!!! The best pizza and pasta I have ever eat. My classmates and I went to your pizzeria last friday we were the 21 people remember? We can't wait to come back. We all agreed it is the best pizza and pasta in Cebu. Your pizza buffet is great and affordable for us students. Thanks for a great lunch and we will see you soon.

    Janine C. Talamban. Email

  • The absolute BEST PIZZA in Cebu or in any of the many cities I've been to. Hands Down!!!

    Captain Bill. Cebu City. Email